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Professional Members (dues $25/year)

Marisa Babjak

Susan Baughman (Sue Bachman)

Janet Boydell

Nancy Brashear

Pat H. Broeske

Andrea Carter

Lance Charnes (LW Charnes)

Sherry Bridges Clitheroe (Abigail Leigh Reed)

Diana Dallape

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett

Dianne DeMille

Anne Dunham

Nanette Heiser

Jennifer Irani

Mike Kammerzelt

Barbara Kovacs

Maddie Margarita

Marjorie McCown

Jack Oakes

Marlene Perez

Joan Renner

Christine Scheck

Thomas Scheck

Anne Seidel

Kami Snyder

Regina Sorace

Carl Vonderau

James Warren

Lisa Webb

Jacquie Wilvers

Will Zeilinger

Associate Members ($15/year)

Gita Fisher

Aileen Jue

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